22 January 2011

Fabric manufacturing - I

Please click on the Like button at the left side of the blog or go to www.facebook.com and search "Textile Engineering Guide" and click on the Like button. B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (2nd year) students will be benifited from this post. I prepared the Fabric Manufacturing - I notes for you so that you can download and get help.

Fabric Manufacturing - I
1. Introduction of weaving.  [Download]  PDF. (0.15Mb).
2. Winding. [Download]. PDF. (0.9Mb)
3. Warping. [Download]. PDF. (0.3Mb)
4. Sizing.  [Download]. PDF (0.5Mb)               


    1. in winding process, what you mean by m/c
      sorry I am not textile engineer, I am textile machine agents

    2. Thanks for your comment. I used m/c for machine.

    3. i want to know about pirn winding and modern carding machines passage diagram. i will be happy if proceed.

    4. weaving এর অংশগুলো চাই(looming, sheds and shedding, picking, beating, take-up and let-off mechanisms, automatic conventional weaving, jackward weaving,.modern weaving)